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The colours that are approved in the USA for colouring foods, medicines and cosmetics
are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, parts 1-99 (= CFR 21).
Their use is monitored by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
Various non-European states use the US system for orientation.
The purity requirements applicable in the USA are sometimes different from those in the EU,
and in some cases content of pure colour is greater.
Batches of synthetic dyes therefore require an FDA certificate for the American market
and for countries that use this system for orientation.

Colour sampleE - numberProduct nameColor Index N°Color Index namesSolubility / QualityPOWDER Standard Concentration min.%GRAN Standard Concentration %
 E 102FD&C Yellow N°5 / Tartrazine19140C.I.Food Yellow 4; C.I.Acid Yellow 231.)8791 ± 4
 E 110FD&C Yellow N°6 / Sunset Yelow15985C.I. Food Yellow 31.)8791 ± 4
 E 127FD&C Red N° 3 / Erythrosine45430C.I.Food Red 14; C.I.Acid Red 511.)8791 ± 4
 E 129FD&C Red N°40 / Allura Red AC16035C.I.Food Red 171.)8590 ± 5
 E 132FD&C Blue N°2 / Indigotine73015C.I.Food Blue 1; C.I.Acid Blue 741.)8585 min.
 E 133FD&C Blue N°1 / Brilliant Blue FCF42090C.I.Food Blue 2; C.I.Acid Blue 91.)8595 ± 5

The colours shown in the table are approximate.
Notes:   1.) Water soluble   2.) Dispersible   3.) Various concentrations available upon request.   4.) Available in a range of qualities.   X Details available upon request. 
All the food colours offered except E120 meet kosher requirements.