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This exquisite range of food colours is based on natural silicate (E 555) combined with titanium dioxide (E171) and / or iron oxide (E172).
They are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and satisfy international safety standards for foods and medicines.
Ranging from silver, gold and interference shades, all the way to red and bronze shades, the non-artificial mineral Candurin® pearlescent pigments are very stable, ideal for combining with other dyes, and are easily processed in the medium. They lend pralines, fruit gums, liquorice, baked goods, ice-cream and beverages an unmistakable, sophisticated appearance.

The team of experts in the Candurin® application laboratory at Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, and we as the distributor of the pearlescent pigments in the food segment, will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding selection and application. The range of Candurin® colours comprises 17 different colour nuances with various particle sizes (10-150 µm). The declaration obligation for the various nuances applies to E171 titanium dioxide and E172 iron oxide. Candurin® pearlescent pigments have a shelf-life of five years. Of course we will be happy to send you upon request samples, detailed product dossiers and information concerning application.

Candurin® silver colours Candurin® gold colours
Silver Fine Gold Lustre
Silver Lustre Gold Sheen
Silver Sheen Gold Sparkle
Silver Sparkle Light Gold
Candurin® interference colours Candurin® Iron oxide colours
Blue Shimmer Brown Amber
Gold Shimmer Orange Amber
Green Shimmer Red Amber
Red Shimmer Red Lustre
Red Sparkle
  NXT Ruby Red